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Orchard Farm Eagle Invitational (02/22/2020)

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Orchard Farm Eagle Invitational (02/22/2020)

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Orchard Farm invites you to our 2020 Eagle Invitational on February 22nd, 2020, at Orchard Farm High School! All information is detailed below - those interested should register here through NAQT.

Question Set:

We will be using the NAQT IS-190. Since this question set may be used by other tournaments (currently Kickapoo, Fulton, North Kansas City, and Jackson), it is imperative that your school only attend one tournament using this specific set. Those placing in the top 15% will be eligible for NAQT's HSNCT - small schools may also qualify for SSNCT if they satisfy the requirements. Additionally, those placing in the top 20% will be eligible for PACE's NSC.


Each round will have 20 tossups, with each tossup followed by 3 bonuses. Tossups will be 10 points unless powered, in which case they will be 15 points - there will be no negs for incorrect answers on tossups. This tournament will incorporate rebounds on all bonus questions, each of which will be worth 10 points.

Teams will be randomly placed into pools of 6 for the preliminary rounds, from which each pool will conduct a round-robin. Performance in the morning preliminaries will determine the pools for the afternoon, which will involve a championship pool and multiple consolation pools. The afternoon pools will conduct another round-robin, guaranteeing all teams at least 10 rounds. Further rounds may be used to determine, at minimum, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. The top 10 individual scorers will be recognized, but only based on their performance from the morning preliminaries.


The field cap is currently set at 24, but may be expanded in groups of 6. Those who register after the field is full will be added to a wait list. If a full set of 6 is reached on the wait list and can be accommodated, those teams will be notified that they are registered. Schools may register as many teams as they like, though there will be a max of 6 players per team.


First team from each school: $70
Subsequent teams: $65
Travel discount (100 miles one way): $5
Buzzer discount (limit 2 per school): $5
Moderator discount: $10

While we prefer experienced moderators, we will not make that a hard requirement. You will be invoiced within two weeks after the tournament concludes - this is to reflect any decisions made or contingencies used the day of regarding buzzers or moderators.


The tournament will take place at Orchard Farm High School, located at 2175 Hwy V, St. Charles, Missouri, 63301. Registration will start at 8:00 AM - we hope to have the team meeting at 8:30 AM and begin the first round by 8:50 AM. After the morning preliminaries, there will be a break for lunch with the intent of starting the afternoon matches no later than 1:30 PM. We hope to have both sets of round-robins concluded by 4:00 PM, though championship playoffs will likely go later than that.

For lunch, there are options available within ~15 minutes (one way), and teams of course may bring their own food and make use of our microwaves. We will, however, offer to order pizzas upon request for teams that would prefer that option - a relevant form will be sent out closer to the event to collect that information.

Contact & Registration:

Teams interested should register through NAQT, though you may contact the tournament director, Spencer Templeton, at any time via email (stempleton@ofr5.com) if you have any questions. The registration process will require you to designate a chaperone - for most schools this will be the coach, but in general should be some adult present at the event who can be contacted the day of in case the need arises.
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Re: 2020 Orchard Farm Eagle Invitational - February 22nd, 2020

Post by stempleton »

Field (24)
  1. Oakville A
  2. Oakville B
  3. Hannibal A
  4. Hannibal B
  5. Timberland A
  6. Timberland B
  7. Webster Groves
  8. Sullivan A
  9. Sullivan B
  10. Sullivan C
  11. Sullivan D
  12. Parkway South A
  13. Parkway South B
  14. Fort Zumwalt North
  15. Parkway Central
  16. Priory
  17. Holt A
  18. Holt B
  19. Francis Howell Central A
  20. Francis Howell Central B
  21. Parkway North
  22. Westminster Christian A
  23. Westminster Christian B
  24. Brentwood
Buzzers (8)
  1. Oakville
  2. Timberland
  3. Priory
  4. Holt
  5. Francis Howell Central
  6. Westminster Christian
  7. Brentwood
  8. Parkway South
Moderators (6)
  1. Oakville
  2. Timberland
  3. Webster Groves
  4. Sullivan
  5. Francis Howell Central
  6. Westminster Christian

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Re: Orchard Farm Eagle Invitational (02/22/2020)

Post by stempleton »


Congratulations to Priory for placing 1st overall in our event! All results for our event can be viewed on the Quizbowl Resource Center. A big thanks to all are participants who provided staff and buzzer systems - we hope to see you all next year!

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