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Tuscumbia Spring Elementary Tournament

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Tuscumbia Spring Elementary Tournament

Post by tstockwell »

I am pleased to announce that Tuscumbia High School will be hosting an elementary academic tournament for students in the 6th grade and below on Saturday, April 13, 2019. The hard cap on team size is eight players; we request that you limit teams to six players so as to maximize playing time for all students. No more than six players may play in any one match. The field cap will be set at 24 teams.

This tournament will use NAQT's MS-30 question set. PLEASE be sure your students have NOT heard questions from this set. Matches will consist of sixteen ten-point tossups (with the possibility of fifteen for an early correct answer) and up to sixteen three-part, thirty point rebounding bonuses. If necessary, the questions will be slightly modified to make them more accessible for younger players. All teams will be guaranteed at least nine matches regardless of performance.

We will offer a lunch of a hamburger, chips, and drink for $5. There will also be extra drinks and candy available for $1. Please give me an estimate of how many meals your team will need, so we can be adequately prepared.

Entry fees are as follows:

base fee (first team from each school): $70
second or subsequent teams: $65
travel discount (100 miles or more one way): -$10 per school
buzzer discount (as needed, and must work for eight players; limit two discounts per school): -$5
scorekeeper discount (as needed, must be trained; first come, first serve): -$5
moderator discount (as needed, must be experienced; first come, first serve): -$10

Payment or a PO is required the day of the tournament.

To register, or if you have any questions whatsoever, please email me at tstockwell@tuscumbialions.k12.mo.us. I hope to see you in April!

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