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Washington JV Tournament - Feb. 26, 2022

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Washington JV Tournament - Feb. 26, 2022

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I am happy to announce the first-ever Washington Invitational for Novice Questioners, (WINQ), a JV (Grades 9 & 10)-only event, on February 26th, 2022.

It will be held at Washington High School, at 600 Blue Jay Drive, Washington, MO, 63090.

The tournament will be in the 20 Tossup/20 Bonus format. We will be using “Powers,” or 15 points for an early correct answer, but we will NOT be using “Negs” or “Interrupts” (-5 for early incorrect answers) In the interest of keeping the day running quickly, we will not be using bouncebacks on bonuses. We are restricting team rosters to 6 players. If you have more players, feel free to sign them up for a second team.

For this tournament, we will be using NAQT’s IS-211A question set. This set is being used at DeSoto and Houston on the same weekend. Teams may not play the same set at different events.

We are currently capping the field at 18 teams, but can expand provided I can find the staff.

Prices are:
- $60 for the first team from a school, $55 for each additional team. (B,C, D, etc.)
- Fully functional buzzer systems are a $5 discount (must work for 8 players, limit 2 per team)
- Providing an experienced scorekeeper is a $5 discount. We reserve the right to refuse scorekeepers.
- Providing an experienced moderator is a $10 discount. Please let us know about these well in advance. We reserve the right to refuse moderators.
- Teams traveling over 100 miles (one way per Google Maps) will receive a $5 discount.

Registration will begin at 8:30, the first matches will take place at 9:00 AM, and there will be a lunch break around 12 PM. There are several options for lunch in town. Most teams should be done by 5 PM.

Spots will be filled on a first come/first served basis. Rather than emailing me, please use this form to register. You are not registered until you receive a confirmation email from the tournament director. If interest and staffing permits, we will lift the cap to as high as we can accommodate, so again, please let us know about buzzers and moderators as early as possible. We reserve the right to turn down moderators.

Teams placing 1st and 2nd will receive a trophy. There are prizes for the top 10 individual scorers.

Our school’s address is 600 Blue Jay Drive, Washington, MO 63090.
- If you come by I-44, Washington is exit #251 on route 100 – turn right at the 100/47 intersection, and then take a left to the high school at the 2nd stoplight. At the 3rd light,
turn left. If you can’t see the football field, you haven’t gone far enough.
- If you come by I-70, take exit 203 (State Hwy T) follow that for about 15 miles, turn left on 47, cross the bridge into town, and take a right to the high school at the 5th stoplight.
If you pass the football field, you’ve gone too far.

If you have any other questions, my email is david.dennis@sdowmo.org, and my phone is 314-239-2640.

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Re: Washington JV Tournament - Feb. 26, 2022

Post by dwd50 »

Based on staffing commitments from coaches, I'm OK with expanding to 28 teams for this.

Field (26/28)
New Haven
Hallsville A
Hallsville B
Jefferson City
Holt A
Holt B
Union A
Union B
Hermann A
Hermann B
Washington A
Washington B
North Point

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