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College quizbowl calendar

Discuss collegiate quizbowl here!
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College quizbowl calendar

Post by Charlie Dees » Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:33 pm

Like my announcement in the HS section here, Trygve has made a wiki calendar for college quizbowl -
Trygve Meade wrote:Andrew Hart and I have created a central calendar that is intended to be used to post collegiate/open/trash tournaments, starting with 2008. Forthcoming is one for high schools to use. It's hosted on the new quizbowl wiki, and it's really easy to put your tournament up there. Once your tournament is over, you can put a link to your stats there, and perhaps a small write-up to let everyone know how it was for posterity.

We're hoping that everyone chooses to use it. If everyone does, we'll have a useful tool that people can use to make sure they're not scheduling things on the same day as other people in the same area without having to dig through this site's announcement threads. Also, when people are planning their clubs tournaments, it'll help to have everything in one easy, convenient place. It really only can be good if the majority uses it, though, so please use it when you're running tournaments in addition to this site.

This is a link to the calendar itself.
There are instructions on that page that simply explain how to create your tournament's page for the calendar.  It's really very easy to do and not very time consuming. Please use the calendar so that we can all have this useful tool.

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