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HS football after week 5

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East Buc & UMR
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HS football after week 5

Post by East Buc & UMR » Mon Oct 04, 2004 11:30 am

EB beat rival Plattsburg a team the past three seasons went a combined 30-0, did I mention they are a class 2 team. as for the mosports side of things

From BHP the source on class one football
I think East Buch is the real deal Reply

move them past Salisbury at least....and PC beating Catholic should move them up to 4th at least.

Guess we'll all know in a couple of months!

another person
My two cents worth:
East Buchanan (my pick from the west since the beginning)
Pierce City
Santa Fe
St. Vincent
5 games down 9 to go up this week Lawson (the school that of all my years of watching EB I hate the most) they did beat West Platte (yay kimbo's school) by 42-21 and west platte is the team that might give us problems in districts

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