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Show Choir Man

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Charlie Dees
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Show Choir Man

Post by Charlie Dees » Fri May 02, 2008 8:31 am

Hey, I'm going to go into spammer mode, but whatever. On The Kansas City Star's website there's a competition for user submitted minute long superhero videos and my film classes have submitted 5 of them. We're basically going to whore for some votes, so scroll down the front page to the strip where videos are and then select "user submitted" and look for the videos "Mop Man," "Show Choir Man," "Fat Boy," "Buzz Boy," and "Formalwear Ninja." You even get the joy of seeing me in my usual mood as the evil "Magic Man," the nemesis of Show Choir Man. If you feel like it, rate them kindly, some of them are pretty good.

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