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Advisory Committee Summary Posted

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:21 am
by L-Town Expatriate
The following action was taken by the MSHSAA Academic Competition Advisory Committee on June 8, 2005:
  • Recommend that required rules meetings be implemented for Academic Competition to take place every other year (alternating with the Music Rules Meetings) to begin in 2006-07, with one offered per Board district, to be held in October.
  • Recommend that an item be placed on the Annual Questionnaire regarding alternate formats for the district and state series in Academic Competition, the results of which would be considered by the committee at their 2006 meeting. (Formats currently used: toss-ups and rebounding questions; proposed options: lightning round, worksheet round, or a fourth quarter double-value format).
  • Recommend that the following statement be listed in the 2005-06 Manual in Section 9, Points of Emphasis: “The moderator shall not spell words within a question, including those that are difficult to pronounce.”
Source: MSHSAA Web site

Also, Jeremy Gibbs of Ft. Zumwalt West now represents the St. Louis area, but a vacancy exists in the Central district.