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Coach Directory

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Coach Directory

Post by Reklaw » Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:59 am

Is there a somewhat maintained Coaches directory for Missouri schools somewhere?

Every year when I am advertising my tournament, I find myself using MSHSAA's District map from the last school year in all 4 classes to determine roughly who might be close enough to be interested, look up their coach, get their email, and add it to the list. This isn't a short process and I feel like I'm working too hard at this. I have my "usual" contacts that can sometimes fill out a tournament, but I find I often need a few fresh faces to finish out my lineup.

I know a lot of school's coaches are revolving doors, but before I embark on this arduous process again, I thought I'd ask if anyone had a database/google sheet/image of a post-it collection that would make it less than a 2 minute process per school I look up.


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