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Hurricane relief - what you can do

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Hurricane relief - what you can do

Post by socalcaptain » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:36 am

Hi everyone! Just as I have moved significantly closer to an ocean, hurricanes have recently been rather newsworthy. Florida and Texas have recently been walloped with some very strong storms and sustained heavy damage. With such destruction, it can be hard to know where to begin to help. I also know that some charities have popped up in the news again as having failed to distribute some of the funds collected for past disasters, so I am hesitant to recommend any major "name-brand" charity that might suffer from the same bureaucracy.

Sparked by a conversation I've been having on the HSQB boards, it seems that one "quizbowl-friendly" way to make a difference might be to make a donation to efforts to rebuild public and school libraries in affected areas. The American Library Association has a page for disaster relief information that links to local efforts in Texas and Florida, including how to donate funds as well as a spreadsheet for each state that connects libraries in need with those willing to give time or materials.

If you have the money, time, or goods to spare, these libraries could use your help.

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