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Flood Relief: An Appeal To Support Our Fellow Quizbowlers
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Author:  L-Town Expatriate [ Fri May 05, 2017 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Flood Relief: An Appeal To Support Our Fellow Quizbowlers

Team Missouri experienced a wildly successful weekend at the Small School National Championship Tournament in Chicago last month. 17 teams represented our state, with nine of them advancing to the playoffs, three bringing home trophies, and an unheard-of seven players ranking on the all-tournament team.

As SSNCT was taking place, back home several of our teams' hometowns were in the midst of a major deluge. Anywhere from eight to 12 inches fell across major portions of the state. One of our playoff teams, Gainesville, ended up with a longer drive home than planned. When they arrived, they found their hometown inundated with floodwaters, washing out homes, businesses and roadways. Their coach described it as "utter destruction".

As the waters began receding in Gainesville, Thayer and other parts of the state, the waters surged downstream. Cities like Eureka and Hermann braced for major flooding. Shelters remain in place around the state with buildings damaged, roads needing replaced, and lives changed. Just as our teams showed resiliency last weekend in their many matches, our state will come together to help our neighbors and fellow scholars rebuild. But they most certainly must not do it alone.

The members of the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance are today launching a general appeal for funds to support organizations providing assistance to victims of flooding across our state in the past week. We encourage all members of the quizbowl community to consider donating to these funds:
Additional items may be added depending on localized needs identified by affected teams.

Two events in the next month will also raise funds for flood relief efforts. A charity match between coaches and staffers will take place May 13th at the pre-nationals tournament hosted by Rock Bridge High School. Fort Osage has also offered to use proceeds from their mirror of the AUX Cord set planned for the High School National Championship Tournament in Atlanta.

Let's show the state and everyone the willingness of the quizbowl community to back our fellow scholars and Missourians in need! Thank you for your consideration!

Author:  L-Town Expatriate [ Wed May 31, 2017 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Flood Relief: An Appeal To Support Our Fellow Quizbowlers

May 13th was the "Coaches vs Staffers" game, which ended up being Team CoMo (Diana Harmata & Greg Irwin) vs Team Hill (Jeff Hill, Kyle Hill and Stephanie Hull). Team Hill was dominant in the match, with Stephanie leading the way with nine tossups. A total of $82 was raised from donations collected during the event.

May 26th was Fort Osage's AUX Cord mirror at HSNCT in Atlanta. 18 players formed four teams that played a double-round robin late Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday morning. Two teams tied at 5-1, and $120 was raised.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We encourage you to continue supporting flood relief efforts.

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