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Mizzou Quizbowl History?

Discussion of quizbowl topics not related to specific tournaments
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Charlie Dees
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Mizzou Quizbowl History?

Post by Charlie Dees » Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:27 am

I recently got to thinking and realized that I know basically nothing about the tournaments Mizzou historically hosted. Does anyone on the board know anything about the high school or college events we've run in the past? Any information about the formats, results (even just top teams), dates, or where I might be able to track down copies of the questions are appreciated.

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Re: Mizzou Quizbowl History?

Post by socalcaptain » Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:36 am

We apparently inherited the Mizzou ORG database entry from Jason Mueller's club. According to an approved fundraising form:

November 13, 2004
2004 Missouri Academic Invitational
"This is a high school quiz bowl tournament featuring the best high school teams in Missouri competing on academic and trivia questions."

He also checked the box that said Mizzou has hosted this event in previous years.

Since this is just the fundraising approval form, there are no results.

EDIT: Found the old thread on this board from this tourney:
As of four days before this tourney: "So far, we have Pilot Grove, Tuscumbia, Viburnum, Rock Bridge (1 or 2), Boonville, and Helias (2); although I just heard that Eureka may be coming."

EDIT 2: Found another thread ( with some brief results:
"Brief results: Eureka over Rock Bridge A.
Semifinalists were Helias and Rock Bridge B.
High Scorer: Arthur Lei.
More details later."
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Re: Mizzou Quizbowl History?

Post by mujason » Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:51 am

Off the top of my head, the Mizzou hs tourneys of the late 90s were run by Scott Brinker; last I heard, he was in the St. Louis area. Katrina Ohlemacher ran the tournaments between Brinker and myself. I recall the 2002 tourney (which had 20 teams) had Kyle Hill's Liberty team beat Chris Ottolino's Parkway Central team (when I went overboard on the difficulty, especially on the math qs). 2003 (which I didn't run but also had 20 teams) had Rock Bridge (which made an afternoon run thanks to Todd Gingrich arriving for the playoffs after doing a math contest one floor up) defeat Savannah (whose star player Kim Kerr was absent due to district band). 2004, which only had nine teams due to bad scheduling karma, Eureka won, as Alex said earlier.
As for questions, they're not even close to the stuff NAQT, PACE, and HSAPQ puts out now. The main copy of old tournament questions was in the box I gave to Bob Moseley after I graduated the first time in 2005; I have no idea what he did with the questions box and the Judge; he's originally from Lockwood, so maybe Larry and Melinda Dixon know what he's up to.

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Re: Mizzou Quizbowl History?

Post by PenforPrez » Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:43 am

Yeah, Scott Brinker was the guru of the Mizzou team in the late 90's; Scott graduated from Washington HS in '95. He is in St. Louis now; I see him at State usually. He sees nothing wrong with Missouri format and never has.

Those Mizzou HS tournaments in the late '90s were Missouri format; nobody even attempted anything akin to tossup/bonus in Missouri before at least 1997. Rolla ran a couple of interesting tossup/bonus hybrid tournaments in '97 and '98 on very early NAQT sets (the latter won by my Cuba team :)).

The Mizzou tournaments back then usually ran in early November to my recollection; they attracted around 30+ teams. Cuba won the Mizzou tournament in Nov. '97; we beat Liberty in the final. NKC finished 3rd and Marquette 4th. That was the tournament where we had an individual shootout; I beat Andy Wehrman from NKC in that contest.

For a couple of years around that time, Mizzou hosted a college tournament for Missouri college teams. This was when you had teams at UMKC and other exotic locales. ;) This was the tournament in '99 where I guessed on all three parts of a soap opera bonus and got 30 points. :o I don't think Mizzou ever hosted a serious college tournament during that period, but I may be wrong.

(CBI Regionals hosts: '99: Wichita State. '00: Pittsburg State. '01: Wichita State. '02: WUSTL.)
(NAQT SCT hosts: '99: Wichita State. '00: Oklahoma. '01: Wichita State. '02 WUSTL.)

Scott Brinker played for Mizzou at my first CBI Regionals at Wichita State in 1999. This was the controversial tournament where Brinker got food poisoning at lunch and vomited during the semifinals match against Rolla (which the two of us were in the lead and I was not playing). Mizzou wound up winning because Rolla was literally grossed out.

That's as much as I can remember for the time being, but I'll see if I can come up with anything else.

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