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Announcement for Tournament Directors

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Charlie Dees
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Announcement for Tournament Directors

Post by Charlie Dees » Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:49 am

Hey everyone,
I realized there was no link to this on the Missouri quizbowl board, but on there is a thread laying out tournaments that are being independently produced and are available for mirroring at great rates. Here is the thread with this information - Mirroring/collaborating on tournaments info
Highlights of this are the Harvard Fall Tournament, the Ubu Roi tournament produced by Brown, Minnesota, and Illinois University, the No Name Tournament produced by Minneapolis South and Georgetown Day School, Gonzaga Academic Tournament, Prison Bowl produced by Hunter HS and Walter Johnson. These sets are all available either for free or for a small licensing fee, and they all are being written at very high levels of quality. They are being written in tossup/bonus formats, which allows for a significant increase in numbers of games for each team at a tournament than your standard fare 4-quarter format, which I think is something very beneficial. I would love to help any team interested in hosting a tournament get a hold of one of these sets to use instead of purchasing from any of the numerous poorly written MSHSAA format providers, because it will be cheaper and of higher quality. Also, if you are part of a team producing an independent set, please feel free to post about it in that thread on hsquizbowl.

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