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quiz bowl photos

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quiz bowl photos

Post by jmatthew » Mon Dec 04, 2006 12:09 am

I noticed some reference to Panasonic Academic Challenge photos from 2002. I've never seen them. I'd like to see them because the photo I've got from 2001 is lame. I look like I'm asleep in the one from 2001. I'll see if I can find it.

1999 Panasonic roster:
Andy Wehrman (NKC)
Ryan Manuel? (Blue Springs)
Mike Ruby? (Liberty
Alternates: Chris Wonderly? and Adam Hill? (both NKC)

2000 Panasonic roster
Ryan Manuel (math and science genius, Blue Springs)
Jeff Dazey (NKC)
Adam Hill (Nixa)
Mike Ruby (Liberty)
Alternate: Me (NKC)

2001 Panasonic roster:
Greg Martin (Savannah)
Adam Hill (math, Nixa)
Kit Dawson (math, Truman HS)
Me (NKC)
Was the alternate Caleb Overman (NKC)?

2002 Panasonic roster:
Melissa McCush (Savannah)
Kyle Hill (Liberty)
Matt Conway (math, Boonville)
Me (NKC)
Alternate: Caleb Overman (NKC)

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