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Hallsville Fall Academic Tournament III (10/10/15)

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Hallsville Coach
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Hallsville Fall Academic Tournament III (10/10/15)

Post by Hallsville Coach » Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:48 pm

Hallsville Fall Academic Tournament III (10/10/2015)

Hallsville is pleased to announce the third annual Hallsville Fall Academic Tournament to be held October 10th, 2015. This tournament will be run in the twenty tossup/bonus format on NAQT Set IS-148. Games consist of twenty tossups worth ten points each followed by non-rebounding bonuses worth up to thirty points. Tossups will feature "powers" (additional points awarded for correct buzzes very early in the question) but no penalty for an incorrect early buzz (no negs).
We anticipate using two full round robins in the morning and afternoon with an advantaged final to decide the champion depending on the number of teams registered.
This will be the first Saturday of the 2015/16 season that teams are eligible to participate. We have removed the "negs" to encourage younger players to buzz without the fear of a penalty, so we hope that you will not only want to bring your varsity team to the tournament but your JV teams as well.
We will also be limiting teams to a maximum of six players. But you may sign up as many teams as you wish. We are currently capping the field at 18 but may expand if we can acquire enough tournament personnel to host a larger field but still ensure a quality tournament.

base fee (first team from each school): $70
second or subsequent teams: $65
travel discount (100 miles or more one way): -$5 per school
buzzer discount (must work for eight players; limit two per school): -$5

To register, please e-mail me at to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you in October.

Hallsville Coach
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Re: Hallsville Fall Academic Tournament III (10/10/15)

Post by Hallsville Coach » Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:53 pm

Field: (18/18)

Orchard Farm A
Orchard Farm B
Fort Osage A
Fort Osage B
Washington A
Washington B
Pilot Grove A
Pilot Grove B
Hickman A
Hickman B
Washington C
Saxony Lutheran A
Saxony Lutheran B

Nathan Rock Bridge
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Re: Hallsville Fall Academic Tournament III (10/10/15)

Post by Nathan Rock Bridge » Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:48 am

Looking at the stats for this tournament and I must say I am incredibly impressed with how much Washington has improved. We all knew that Hannibal and Hickman would be very good, and I was definitely expecting Washington to be right there at the next tier, but I was not expecting them to get that close to taking a game off of Hickman or Hannibal, so I definitely want to congratulate them. Pretty confident that they have improved a ton since even JV state last year, because looking at those states I don't think I could possibly be able to take 11 toss ups off the A team in any game, even one of my best on a JV level packet, although it looks like Joe has emerged as their best player and he was on the B team for that tournament. Also being able to have four players all get at least 7 powers and average over 21 points as juniors (at least I'm pretty sure all of those guys are my graduating class) is insane. I am seriously going to have to either not have a summer this year, or, more likely attempt to get other kids on the team to step up in order to have a chance of competing with those guys next year. I am seriously incredibly impressed with these guys, I would not be shocked at all to see these guys get in the top couple brackets at PACE or get a trophy of some sort at HSNCT as seniors if they continue to improve at such a quick rate.

One interesting thing I saw when looking at the stats is that Tim from Hannibal out powered every player in the tournament except for Alex from Hickamn and his teammate (and from what I've seen throughout my quiz bowl career and looking at the stats from this tournament, almost definitely the best individual player in the state of Missouri this year) Parth (although Joe from Washington had more powers per game). I don't know what to say about that. That's seriously insane to me. He's always been a solid number two to Parth's number one, but that was still a large amount of improvement and it is seriously impressive. This isn't to say he was bad before, he's always been a good player (for example, last year he had 13 powers throughout this same tournament, which was also played on an IS set last year), but the fact that he ended up improving to the point that he more than doubled his number of powers from last year (and looking at last year's stats, he outpowered the junior year version of Parth by two, although this year they played one more game) is something to be commended. Tim stepping up makes Hannibal an even harder out, especially with Parth continuing to somehow become even better.

Also I have to address Hickman, our cross-town rivals (also basically both of our A teams this year will have come from the same middle school, West). The fact that they played so well without their number two (or maybe Owen is better than her now, I don't really know) Amanda is impressive. I'm pretty sure Amanda is Hickman's main literature person (although I could be wrong) so when they play a tournament with her of similar difficulty I wouldn't be shocked if they could get around 22-23 ppb and over 400 ppg, although they will surely be constantly improving throughout the year so those numbers could end up being even better. Also Owen is my quiz bowl rival and he's probably better than me now, so I have to crack out the books (oh and good job to Dinis for getting five powers playing with Owen and Alex). Additionally in case you see this Alex, Luke always brings up that you've improved a ton and he says that you were the number four on the West A team and now you're significantly better than him and Derek. I wish Luke was as motivated as you (and for that matter I wish I was as motivated as you), haha.

As for Rock Bridge, we obviously did not compete at this tournament. Our coach was unable to make it to the tournament and any other plans to make it fell through, although Luke and I really wanted to compete just to see where we stood. Luke and I are pretty confident that we can end up being one of the best teams that Rock Bridge has had, but we're definitely not at that point yet. I'm not sure where exactly we stand right now, but I'm confident that we would have made the playoffs at this tournament and I'm looking forward to next week at Mizzou.

Also since this is my first post on this forum I guess I'd like to say hi. I'm sure I've met almost all of you to some extent before at tournaments, but I don't really have screen names paired with faces.

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Re: Hallsville Fall Academic Tournament III (10/10/15)

Post by ilikebooks » Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:41 pm

Can't seem to quote on mobile, but thank you for the commendation! I hope we can all help raise the state's regard at a national level! As a side note, yes, we are all juniors.

Hallsville Coach
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Re: Hallsville Fall Academic Tournament III (10/10/15)

Post by Hallsville Coach » Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:40 pm

First I'd like to thank all of the teams that came out to Hallsville on Saturday to play in our Fall Tournament. We had a great time hosting everyone and hope that all the players had a fun tournament. Congratulations to Hannibal for taking 1st place. At the end of round 9, Hickman and Hannibal matched up against each other in an advantaged final with Hickman having the advantage. Hannibal won the 1st game 475-260. They then played the final round in a winner-take-all game with Hannibal winning 395-235.
I'd also like to give a special thanks to all of the volunteers who helped us staff this event: Jeffrey Hill, Kyle Hill, Stephanie Hull, Ross Sparrow, and the coaches who helped moderate (David Dennis, Jason Loy and Kevin Stockman). Without all of you, we would not have been able to put this event together. So.....THANK YOU.
The stats are listed below:

All Games

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