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Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

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Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

Post by OakvilleHSCoach » Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:55 am

Hello all,

Oakville Senior High School (Address: 5557 Milburn Road, St. Louis, MO, 63129) will be hosting a mirror of GSAC, a housewritten tournament produced by Maggie Walker Governor's School (VA), on March 28, 2015.

Each round will consist of 20 tossup questions with 20 3-part bonuses should a team answer a tossup correctly. Tossups will be worth 10 points, with 5-point negs for incorrect interrupts. There will be no powers at this tournament.

Question Distribution:
4/4 Literature (1/1 American, 1/1 British, 1/1 European, 1/1 World/Ancient)
4/4 Science (1/1 Biology, 1/1 Chemistry, 1/1 Physics, 1/1 Other)
4/4 History (1/1 American, 1/1 European, 1/1 World, 1/1 Ancient/Modern (post-1945))
3/3 Fine Arts (1/1 Visual Art, 1/1 Music, 1/1 Other)
2/2 Religion, Mythology
1/1 Trash
.5/.5 Social Science
.5/.5 Philosophy
.5/.5 Geography
.5/.5 Current events and Civics

This tournament will also be using a rule where a single team can have no more than six players on a team. If you have more than six players, please do not feel hesitant about signing up a second or even third team! The extra playing time will be an invaluable experience for your novice players!

Fee Structure

First team from a school: $65
Every subsequent team from a school: $60
Buzzer Discount: $5 per system
Staffer Discount: $10 per staffer
Minimum Fee: $25 per team

Edit: we have expanded the field to 24 teams as of 1/30/15.

This tournament will be affiliated with the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance (http://moqba.org), an organization dedicated to promoting high quality quizbowl throughout the state of Missouri.

Since there are no viable lunch options within walking distance of Oakville Senior High School, we will be ordering pizza at a minimal cost (pepperoni/cheese) for all players and coaches. Lunch is free for all staffers.

Registering teams should email me at (whelehonc@mehlvilleschooldistrict.net) their signup information and any questions.

We hope to see you in March!
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Re: Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

Post by OakvilleHSCoach » Tue Aug 19, 2014 6:52 am

Field Update (3/18/15) (26/24)

Washington High School 2 teams, 2 buzzers
Parkway North 1 team, 1 buzzer
Mehlville High School 1 team, 1 buzzer
Webster Groves 2 teams, 1 buzzer
Eureka High School 1 team
DeSmet 2 teams, 2 buzzers
Ladue 3 teams, 2 buzzers
Mexico 2 teams
Orchard Farms 1 team, 1 buzzer
Warrenton 1 team
Francis Howell 1 team, 1 buzzer
CBC 1 team
Parkway Central 1 team
Tuscumbia 1 team
Parkway South 2 teams, 1 buzzer
Northwest 1 team
Lutheran St. Charles 1 team
Marquette 2 teams

If you are interested in staffing, please PM me. We will be paying moderators and feeding all staffers lunch.

Staff (12/13):
Sean Phillips
Kristin Pierce
Jason Loy (Tuscumbia coach)
David Gerding
Ladue staffer
Kevin Stockman (Orchard Farms coach)
Peter Kahn
Jacob O'Rourke
Matt Griffith (Mehlville coach)
Franci Schwarz (Warrenton coach)
Michael Flandermeyer (Lutheran St. Charles Coach)
Scott Degitz-Fries (Parkway South Coach)
Oakville varsity player, if necessary
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Re: Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

Post by OakvilleHSCoach » Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:02 am

PACE (the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence) has awarded this tournament, Oakville GSAC, gold certification. This means that the top 20% of teams in this tournament (rounded up to the nearest integer) will qualify for Pace's national high school quizbowl championship, the PACE NSC on the weekend of May 24-25th at the Hyatt Regency Reston outside of Washington, D.C.

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Re: Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

Post by OakvilleHSCoach » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:07 am

We currently have a wait list and are looking for any interested staffers, as we could potentially expand our field. Please email me at whelehonc at mehlvilleschooldistrict.net if you are interested.

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Re: Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

Post by OakvilleHSCoach » Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:54 am

Still looking for staffers! Free pizza and $30 to moderate. Please let me know if you are available!

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Re: Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

Post by OakvilleHSCoach » Sat Mar 28, 2015 3:55 pm

Thank you once again to all coaches, students, and spectators for attending the 2015 Oakville GSAC Tournament today. We hope that you enjoyed participating in the tournament as much as we enjoyed directing it!

A super special thanks goes out to Jeff Hill, who helped provide bracketing assistance today. Special thanks also goes out to all coaches who offered to help moderate, as well as Peter Kahn, Sean Phillips, David Gerding, Jacob O'Rourke, and Jeff Hill for helping moderate today.

Links to the complete statistics are available later this evening.

Since this tournament is gold certified by PACE, the top 20% (5 teams) qualified for the PACE National Scholastic Championship in the Washington D.C. area on June 6-7. Congratulations to Orchard Farm, Washington, Tuscumbia, Eureka, and Francis Howell for earning bids to NSC!

Thank you once again for attending. We hope to see everyone again next year! If you have any feedback about how this tournament ran, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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Re: Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

Post by Jeffrey Hill » Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:48 pm

I think I finally got the stats organized the way I want them.

The 22 team format was very similar to what was used at the 2014 NAQT Missouri Qualifier.

Preliminary rounds 1-5: Two pools of 6 and two pools of 5
Playoff rounds 6-10 + finals:
  • Championship: Top two in each (8 total) go to two parallel championship pools of 4, each with two first place and two second place teams, all from different preliminary pools. They play a round robin in rounds 6-8. After that, the top 2 in each advanced to a crossover playoff for the top 4 in rounds 9-10, with any necessary finals/tiebreakers afterward, while the bottom two in each advanced to a crossover playoff for 5th-8th.
  • Consolation 1: The third and fourth place teams in each bracket advanced to the consolation 1 tier, which was scheduled identically to the championship brackets except with all teams done after round 10.
  • Consolation 2: The fifth and sixth place teams advanced to a six team round robin.
Championship and Consolation 1 initial playoff pools (rounds 6-8)
Championship and Consolation 1 final playoff pools (rounds 9-10 and one round 6-8 carry-over game for each team)
All playoff games (rounds 6-12, including consolation 2)
All Games

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Re: Oakville GSAC (3/28/15)

Post by scphilli » Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:52 pm

I'd like to commend the awe inspiring work done by the staff today especially the formidable Jeffrey Hill and Christina Whelehon. This thing could have gone off the rails but through the good hard work of all involved it did not. We are so lucky to have masters like them in our presence.

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