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NHBB in Missouri this year

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NHBB in Missouri this year

Post by nationalhistorybeeandbowl » Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:03 pm

Greetings Missouri teams,
NHBB is looking for a new host school for its Missouri tournament this year, as our contact at Oakville, the host for the past two years, is unable to do so again. For the past three years, we've held a tournament in the St. Louis area and are certainly looking to keep that going for 2013-14, though if a host school elsewhere in the state (esp. the Kansas City area) would be interested in hosting, then we could look to have multiple tournaments too. With our National Championships having gone very well last year (students from two Missouri schools competed and had a great time), and our ongoing efforts to promote good pyramidal quizbowl events around the USA, I'm hoping that we can find a school or schools that would be interested in hosting for us this year in Missouri.
Host schools can pretty much pick any date from 1/11 - 3/22, though of course, a day with few or no conflicts is ideal for everyone. Host schools also play for free in the History Bee and Bowl and get a $50 discount off our Nationals. We would look to send an experienced director, so hosting is largely just a matter of providing the building for the day. Alternatively, we sometimes run events at colleges, so if there's a college team out there which would be interested in hosting, that could work as well.
If anyone is interested in this, please contact me at I will also be out in the St. Louis area on the weekend of November 23 for the National Council on Social Studies annual conference (in St. Louis this year) where I will be running a sample History Bee for conference participants, and networking with history teachers, many of whom will be from the area. That bodes well for a higher turnout this year; hopefully we can get 25-35 teams or so - last year we had about 20.
Thanks for your help, and if anyone has any questions about NHBB in general, or how we are continuing to improve our tournaments, please feel free to comment below.

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