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Tournament Announcements Forum

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:55 pm
by Jeffrey Hill
We have split the Discussion forum into two boards:

Tournament Announcements and Discussion (this board) is where tournament directors post tournament announcements, results, and discussion of specific tournaments takes place. Ideally, each tournament will have only one thread where the announcement, results, and other discussion about that tournament takes place.

When starting a topic in this forum, please include the tournament name and date (e.g. 2010 NAQT Missouri Qualifier - March 20, 2010).

If you are not posting a tournament announcement, please do not start a new thread on a tournament unless you are sure that a thread does not already exist; in other words, limit 1 thread per tournament.

If you know of a tournament that doesn't have a thread here, please start one so we are fully aware of as many tournaments in the state as possible!

The other board, General Discussion, is where everything else goes - best team polls, theory discussion, and stuff like that.