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Conway "Brainstorms" 2008

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Conway "Brainstorms" 2008

Post by FordATeam/CC » Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:32 pm

I know this is late, but I thought I'd post the results (or at least what I know of them). Conway is a class 2 school in our conference that is located between Lebanon and Springfield on I-44. They have run this tournament for several years and usually have just a couple fellow conference schools in attendance (although Eugene competed a few years ago when they were pretty solid and Carthage came up a year or two ago).

JV Results:

Round 1:
Fordland 110 - Hartville 65
Conway 75 - Norwood 20

Round 2:
Conway 175 - Hartville 45
Fordland 115 - Norwood 30

Round 3:
Conway 120 - Fordland 105
Hartville 75 - Norwood 40

Conway defeated Hartville (will post score when I have it)
Fordland 125 - Norwood 30

Conway 80 - Fordland 65

Scores were obviously not that high. I will try to find out who the question provider was. Usually coach puts the sets together, but seeing that scores are usually higher, I don't think she did this year.

I hope to find out varsity results tomorrow.

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